The act of leaking information

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How do we look at an information leak? It’s there, but we cannot see what it means, not without the right eyes. The relevance of the leak is based on the way the people view the water arriving to them from … Continue reading


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“Why tornados are always considered as destruction elements? Just because is a big amount of energy that we can’t control. If we learn how to generate and control them, we can use tornados to obtain energy in artificial and controlated … Continue reading

AnonUSB & AnonPaste Timeline

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This infographic explains the basics of the AnonUSB and AnonPaste, how they were created, why are they connected and some events that happened after their appeareance. The project emphasizes in topics such as collective intelligence, freedom of speech, censorship, hacking, … Continue reading


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  “In a world in which human beings are made of wood repression will have a metal structure but a wire of communication will save the situation.”     Moving into the context of the Spanish Revolution during the failed … Continue reading

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Lines, geometry and typography. Each piece is connected with the rest as part of a process of composition and transformation. The connections between them and the feeling they give depends on watching at them independantly or in groups. And on … Continue reading

Cities and The Sky, Thekla

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Those who arrive at Thekla can see little of the city, beyond the plank fences, the sackcloth screens, the scaffoldings, the metal armatures, the wooden catwalks hanging from ropes or supported by sawhorses, the ladders, the trestles.       … Continue reading

AnonUSB (Updated)

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- Read below for the update about AnonPaste and censorship More than ever the flow of information it’s becoming a important and relevant part of our society. We want to know the truth of what’s happening in the world. More than ever … Continue reading

The Global Intelligence Files

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Poster. Celebrating the success of the collaboration between Anonymous and WikiLeaks. Design Academy Eindhoven – 2012

Multifunctional chair

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Concept of multifunctional chair. Made by waterproof wood and a soft but strong surface of neoprene. Each pair of joints in each module have a blocker piece to lock the folding. It can be used as a chair, bench, table, … Continue reading


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  Laptop cover and portable desktop set. The focus is connect the handmade work with the digital one. Establishing a normal and integrated relation with the desktop and the laptop, and making this set portable. The softness of the material … Continue reading

Dutch Fast food

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Boina eating its a concept of fast food establishment for the Netherlands. I tryed to make it the most simple, efficient, quick, and taking out everything that its not needed on it. The result its what I understand as a … Continue reading